Northwest Quadrant Parking Improvements

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Parking renderingNW Quadrant Parking constructionNW Quadrant Parking construction
  • Parking rendering
  • NW Quadrant Parking construction
  • NW Quadrant Parking construction

IU Bloomington

Completion Date
October 1, 2014

Project Type:

Primary Use:

Amer. Structure

Team Leader:

Project Budget

  • Internal funding: $6800000
  • Total budget: $6800000

Project Description

This project will improve parking facilities in the northwest quadrant of the IU Bloomington campus. Project work will transform the gravel area into a parking complex with ample green space, a native shade tree canopy, and an improved pedestrian and vehicular circulation infrastructure. Increased paved parking accommodations will help with greater utilization of the parking that is available to the university. The inclusion of an expansive tree planting plan will ensure the appearance of this parking area is in keeping with the woodland campus aesthetics of IU Bloomington. A total of 1,855 parking spaces will be provided.